Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our House

...is a very very very fine house.

It is, but needs style and decorating and taking out some of the 1979 "charm" (like the wet bar in the middle of the living room). I have a lot of good ideas (thank you Pinterest) but I am lacking in the money/time/skill arena. Here are my goals for now:

1. Add Color
I like bright and bold and fun. I just need to find the right elements to speak to me and then go for it. Also, I want to paint every wall in my house, but that will take time, I guess (see #4).

2. Salvage
All of the coolest pins have a re-purposed old door or shutters or picture frame - so Emily and I are going to go to some Dallas salvage places I have heard of and see if we can make something happen! I'm excited!

3. Crafty
I need to hone my crafty skills.

4. Be Realistic
Decorating a home takes time and money and I have neither of those things. So I will take deep breaths and pace myself :) I don't want to throw together things that I don't actually love just to be done decorating.

Is this just me? Does everyone else just already have a perfectly put together house? That's the way it seems sometimes.

Monday, June 18, 2012


So, I accidentally let a whole month go by without blogging. So in the last month:

Baby Boy turned ONE!!! We had a fantastic birthday party for him the day before (which turned out pretty cute, if I may say so myself) and spent the day as a family on his actual b-day. Little man is no longer a baby... now officially a toddler. But man, oh man, do I love that little toddler boy.

We painted our bedroom and got some other home projects completed in time for the party. Only one bajillion projects left!

We went on a trip to the beach with my family! It was fun, Emmet was not a fan of sand or 12 hour car trips, but enjoyed the ocean and the loads of attention he received from his aunt, grandmother, grandfather and great grandmother all in the same house :)

I am now a part-time Momma!! I am staying home with E two days a week and my Mom is keeping him the other three for now until we find a one-day-a-week school near our house. Tomorrow is my first day staying home and I am soooooo excited!! Thank you Lord and thank you Hubby and thank you Gramy!

I read all of Pride and Prejudice on the Kindle app on my phone. I have never read it, so it was fun and my inner literature nerd is proud. Now I am on Emma and was starting Love Wins by Rob Bell, but my Dad picked it up, started reading it and took it home with him from the beach.

I will try harder to blog more often. I know that the no one who reads this blog was really sad while I was gone.