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I decided to start this blog to work out things that are on my mind. I actually am not sure if I even want anyone to read it. Why put it on the internet, then? you may ask... and it's a legit question. My view on the matter is  currently teetering on the edge of narcissism and self-expression as we speak (er, type?). Accountability is the answer, I think. I journal sometimes, but I don't really have much motivation to do it because it doesn't ever have to be finished and so most of it isn't. Also, I like to write - but I really am not sure if I am any good at it. As one of my new favorite bloggers says:

"Because I did have a hunch that maybe I could write and maybe you’d like it. But I’ve also seen the American Idol auditions, so I know that a whole lot of people suspect they are good at things that they should actually never, ever attempt to do publicly." -Glennon at momastery.com

So I figure the only way to get better at writing is to do it every day - or nearly every day (I mean, I do have a job, husband, baby, house, friends, family...). I don't really even do Facebook status updates because I find that annoying - I guess what makes this better (in my head) is that no one is making you come and read it. 

So, why "Lava"? Explanation to come.

About me: I drink red wine, I like to read, but don't do it often enough, I have the cutest little boy on the planet, my husband is funny and definitely the person I was hoping for all my life, I work in child psychiatry with depressed kids - which makes me really sad some days and leaves me feeling like I did some good in the world on others. I like to cook and bake, my house is kind of a wreck, I'd like to be fashionable - but I don't have the time or money to shop. I have two degrees - English and Psychology - and graduated Magna Cum Laude, and that is the second hardest I have ever worked for an achievement. The first hardest is that I gave birth naturally (aka no epidural)... I am woman, hear me roar! 

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