Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Bricks

The bricks were getting tired now, 
From weathering the storm.
They held the house up faithfully, 
No shingle had been torn.
How much can one rock endure
As inch by inch was worn.
When the bricks would lose their will
Inward they would turn
The ones indoors were calm and warm
And all would seem just right.
The bricks' strength would be renewed
To get them through the night.
How often do you stop to think and thank
the bricks that hold you dear?
But it's alright, 
No accolades are needed here,
Nor pomp or praise or prose.
 Just knowing that they did their job
And from their strength arose
One or two who now are strong,
Kind and brave and true.
For that is all those bricks
ever strove to do.


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