Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Honest Confessions

In this cutesy, handmade, Pinterest world, I think it's time for a little mom/wife/woman honesty.

1. I tried to make peanut fudge with a super simple 2 step recipe and I inexplicably messed it up.

2. I have approximately six piles of clothes scattered around my house that need to be put away.

3. I have never made one thing with those wine corks I've been saving.

4. Only about ten things are hung on the walls of our house after 5 months.

5. On the car ride back from the beach, I let my toddler eat Pirate Booty for lunch.

6. I have not finished my wedding scrapbook and I don't think I ever will. I have recently decided to slap some glue to the rest of the pictures and just get them in there.

7. I throw Tupperware away some times just because I don't want to wash it. Also, spell check just had to tell me I needed to capitalize "Tupperware."

Feel better?

Pet Peeve: Pets as People

Pets are not people; they are animals. That sentence is literally a fact. However, today people seem to looooove to act like animals are people.

1. They dress them up. Yuck.

2. They let them rule their homes and beds and couches, making them smelly and/or hairy.

3. They let them babysit. I am sick and tired of seeing babies posed or napping or in the arms of a big giant dog.

That is an ANIMAL, parents!! An animal who might suddenly get freaked out by a car noise outside or a fleck of dust in the air or who might have a dream that they are chasing a squirrel and in the process could absolutely injure the fragile and precious tiny human being who has been entrusted to your care. I know you think your dog would never do that... but that dog has no understanding of how it could accidentally injure that child. And that is not cute.

4. When I tell something about my child, they say, "Oh, I know just what you mean! My dog/cat/pet always..."

Really? Did you create your pet from your own person, birth him, nurse him, care for his every need hour after hour, day after day, year after year? Do you sit in awe of the amazing miracle that is a pet? Do you teach your pet about life, love and decency? Do you carefully build your pet's character and nurture his self-esteem? Do you quit your job to care for your pet or spend thousands of dollars a month for good daycare? Do you lie awake at night hoping for your pet's future, worrying about his health and safety? Do you constantly analyze what you could be doing better as your pet's caretaker or if you are doing a good enough job?

So, in conclusion, pets are not people. Please tell your friends.